Thursday, September 29, 2011

COMPLAIN against the H8!!!


Enzo Loschiavo, Manager, National Post Sales

Open Letter to The National Post 

I’ve just filed a complaint against The National Post with The National Ads Council for printing this ad for Charles McVety's "Institute for Canadian Values" promoting Religious Intolerance and HATE. It is a clear example of the Religious Right lobbying to sabotage our tax-funded education system

Besides being in very poor taste, it also violates section #14* of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards  

When can your readers expect an extraction and apology?

Thanks in advance, Pete

* Advertisements shall not:

(a) condone any form of personal discrimination, including that based upon race, national origin, religion, sex or age;

(b) appear in a realistic manner to exploit, condone or incite violence; nor appear to condone, or directly encourage, bullying; nor directly encourage, or exhibit obvious indifference to, unlawful behaviour;

(c) demean, denigrate or disparage any identifiable person, group of persons, firm, organization, industrial or commercial activity, profession, product or service or attempt to bring it or them into public contempt or ridicule;

(d) undermine human dignity; or display obvious indifference to, or encourage, gratuitously and without merit, conduct or attitudes that offend the standards of public decency prevailing among a significant segment of the population. © PETE DAKO , 2011  The Official Website"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"KEEP THE FAITH" — THE GRID, Sept. 21, 2011

Here's my response to today's article in THE GRID  about CSA's
(see also Mike Evans comments under the original article)

I was tempted to tape Kevin requesting Tim Hudak or anybody from the PCs to come and speak to us or at least attend our Keep The Faith rally. I know I already invited them, in fact several of us invited all the candidates we could from every party both as individual citizens and as CSA and with the exception of the Green Party they definitely haven't been taking their fingers out of their ears.

CSA has a questionnaire for candidates online here:

Please help us out and get involved! Ask your local candidate these questions yourself or your own questions! Let's not let them get away with it!
I'm not sure what I find more insulting. We have gotten identical 'cookie-cutter' non-responses from the Liberal Party... whose members apparently aren't allowed to think or speak for themselves... and plenty of two-faced double talk from the NDP who like to take credit for being all about democracy  — but have been just as complicit as the other parties in preventing the establishment of one secular school system if not more so. Instead of supporting secular values they prefer to support H8. Were we to believe the hype, wouldn't the NDP be first in line demanding that the Green Party are invited to debate and that all of our issues be given equal respect and attention? © PETE DAKO , 2011   The Official Website"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stop The H8!

September 15, 2011 13:00 ET

Rally Supporting Gay/Straight Alliances Attracts Attention and Support

Rick Mercer Comes Out In Support Of GSA's
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 15, 2011) - The Canadian Secular Alliance rally at Queen's Park this Sunday to support gay/straight alliances in publicly funded Catholic schools has received endorsements from comedians Rick Mercer, Gavin Crawford, and Elvira Kurt.

"This rally is about supporting the rights of students," says spokesperson Kevin Smith. "It is not anti-religious." Some groups were discouraged from attending after making statements deriding religious groups.

A broad spectrum of guest speakers will discuss related issues, including ending tax privileges afforded to separate school systems in Ontario, and provincial educational equity policies that favour religious dogma.

"In addition to the violation of human rights, the province cannot afford over $500 million every year to fund a separate school system for a single religious group," Smith says.

The rally takes place from 1:30 to 3:30 PM at Queen's Park on Sunday, September 18.

"Some groups were discouraged from attending..."(photo: Andrea Houston) © PETE DAKO , 2011   The Official Website"