Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gwendolyn MacEwen Memorial with bill bissett!

Thank you to Steve Armstrong, Publisher of Wegway
Primary Culture Magazine
www.wegway.com Whoo hoo!
I thought bill bissett wasn't due back in T.O.
'til July.
See y'all there Saturday, June 5th....

A Reading for Gwendolyn MacEwen Park Memorial
Hear Canada's national treasures read
in celebration & support at this historic event:

join Poet Laureates George Bowering & Dennis Lee
with Margaret Atwood, bill bissett, Christian
Bok, Jim Christy, George Elliott Clarke,
David Donnell, Andrea Jarmai, Bruce Meyer & Joe Rosenblatt!

Saturday, June 5th
2 -7 pm at Gwendolyn MacEwen Park:
1 block West of Spadina, 1 block North of Bloor
a day-long, no-charge event.

See our ads in Word Literary Calendar, or Quill & Quire.
For updates, schedules & complete info., visit gwenpark.org

In the event of foul weather: reading will be
held at Walmer Road Baptist Church, adjacent to

sponsored by Pteros Gallery, The League of
Canadian Poets, Bigmouth Media, CIUT 89.5 FM.,
The Writers’ Union of Canada, House of Anansi
Press, Coach House Press, Quill & Quire, Word
Literary Calendar, The Toronto Arts council, &
The Canada Council for the Arts.

*Help us raise the casting costs & receive a ltd.
ed. CD of new & restored archival readings!

Saturday, June 5th
A Reading for Gwendolyn MacEwen Park Memorial
at Gwendolyn MacEwen Park:
1 block West of Spadina, 1 block North of Bloor


Some of my best friends are Witches!

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FASTWÜRMS just back from New York, confirmed with me today that yes, for Laura Cowell's musical program at this year's Splice This! Super8 festival, FASTWÜRMS have made it possible for me to appear in live performance, with original unseen Super 8 footage the 'wurms themselves shot of me over

Believe it or Not!

Cousin Larry of Utica, Long Island, always refers to the FW as "The Nicest People in Canada."

It's true. They are. They are the nicest people in Canada.

Believe it or Not!

Thank you, FASTWÜRMS.

Stay tuned to this site for more news and further developments...as they happen!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pants on Fire! (45 RPM)

download Pants on Fire! (45 RPM) 2.9 MB

Liar, Liar Lie
Liar, Liar Lie

Pants on Fire! Pants on Fire!

Liar, Liar Lie
Liar, Liar Lie

Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie
Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie

Pants on Fire! Pants on Fire!

Know now now now know now
Know now now now now...

Liar, Liar Lie Liar, Liar Lie
Pants on Fire! Pants on Fire!

Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie
Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie

PETE DAKO © SOCAN,2004 (dedicated to al franken)

See? Did I Lie?
New Songs Sung Old, Old Songs Sung New

Download more great FREE tunes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Strictly "need-to-know" Super-8 film synopses

NEWS FLASH as reported on my Manila Site just moments ago...

I bet you're wondering what I've been working on for Laura Cowell's "SPLICE THIS!" SUPER 8 Film Festival In Toronto. Well, Laura wants to know too. So,I thought gee, what could be more private and intimate then posting this info on a blog or two? Without further ado then here it is, and remembering that this is on a strictly "need-to-know" basis here's what I've got so far:

Scratchimation Drama w/live music soundtrack

NOTE: this project is dependent on you. Filmmakers need to recycle? We accept your scrap Super8 stock. also *Free* DJ opportunity! Can you scratch vinyl? apply to PETE DAKO films c/o that blog or this blog ...(the one you're reading now).

Back up plan:
"Big Trouble in Tiny Town" (aka "Toy People in Toy Cars" or "Hats Off to You, You Dinky Menace!") Super8 SuperFilm by Pete Dako featuring Poetry by bill bissett See the long-awaited sequel to PETE DAKO's blockbuster 2000 epic, Pooch Doggy Do in: "Big Trouble." pre-dating and predicting the terrible tragedy of 9/11!

Dead Letter Blogs

Lisa and I were on the phone yakking about blogs and she told me she actually started working on a blog someplace awhile back but then she forget her passsword or the URL or something... so now it's somewhere someplace in cyberspace ...just more cyberspace space junk.

I thought that that was funny but then I started to really wonder just how many of these Dead Letter Blogs could be out there. The corker came when i actually stumbled across something I'd completely forgotten about. Mmm hmm, that's right... a website of my
which I started awhile back ...like 3 to 4 years back! Longer than many an OS n'est-ce pas? But lo and behold this may have been waaay years back, and everything ... but holy shizel manizel it's a got-dang fully functioning working blog.

Does anybody remember UserLand Frontier, or have you perhaps seen me walking around in my T-Shirt with a big cactus logo, and a cowboy hat? Well you might not recall Frontier but I sure do. Anyways, a bit of surfing around and I quickly discovered Dave Winer and my old friends at UserLand have been very busy inventing stuff like the RSS newsfeed and all kinds of new software to great popular and critical acclaim. Like Radio Userland and Manila (as in..you got it... my Manila site.) What... did these guys lay down the foundations for the entire BLOG CULTURE and CIVILIZATION while i was away?

Monday, May 17, 2004

Music vs. Radio

I just set up some MUSIC and RADIO links over there on the left margin of this blog template. Can you see them? That's right. There they are underneath the picture of the handsome dude in the hockey gear. See them yet? No? Keep going, then. Scroll below "previous posts", and "archives"... There they are.."Radio & Music" the first section under the "Links" header.
If you have a good speed line, check out what's available. There are plenty of free MP3s as well as streaming feeds of great music and radio programming that you can have running while you read your eMail and surf around.
Go ahead and click on Air America... I'll wait right here.

A new "Air America" window will pop up. Now click on the logo in the top left that says "Listen Live." That should boot "Real Player" and if you're dialing in at the right time of day you can hear Al Franken's show live or rebroadcast or perhaps one of the other shows like Janeane Garofalo's or Randi Rhodes. See their page for the time schedule. The main point is get that working and the rest of the links in the body of this entry should work for you.

Sorry, rabble.ca... but tuning in to hilarious Al Franken's O'Franken Factor on Air America radio and getting all revved up about kooky scary US politics is what really motivated me to join Canada's New Democratic Party. Who would've guessed how much (old) democrats love the Grateful Dead? In between the laughter and tears, no matter what else is happening, sweet old Al Franken will be scooping out cherry Jerry Garcia. I'm not lying. Dig the on-air programming but the Air America blog is chock full of name-calling trolls.

MPR's "Listening Room" features new music on their "Smooth" and "Crunchy" radio channels.
Some items here play for me in iTunes... others in Real Player. If some of the following links don't work for you directly, just go back to the main page for American Mavericks:Listening Room, and check it out. They're all there.

Scroll down the American Mavericks page for some excellent composer interviews. Listen to what Glenn Branca has to say about John Cage. Oh, and news flash...Glenn Branca loves Steve Reich.
Terry Riley , Captain Beefheart, Meredith Monk
... sigh... such beautiful music.

The John Giorno link takes you to just one of his dial-a-poem type projects hosted on ubu.com. There's plenty more there to discover. Ubu.com is an amazing resource. Poke around.

Man what the hey are they all talkin' about what with the NAPSTER and Apple's iTunes store... sheesh, the internet is the best thing that's ever happened to music. Am I wrong?
Feel free to post a comment with links to some of your fave cool sound sites and radio channels.
Oh and before i forget, APPLE why don't you make Air America Radio a factory preset in the iTunes Radio defaults? Please.

Over at my web site I just reported that I'm offering up some FREE mp3 downloads of my music. Check back soon. I've been working on some exciting new projects and I'm looking forward to telling you all about them.

Bloggy Mountain breakdown...

Dang! I just lost the first version of this entry because I got distracted and clicked the wrong button while retrieving some of your eMails...

That's right! The comments are pouring in here folks. It's a freeping AVALANCHE!

In an eMail with the lovely subject line
"I Just Saw Your Awesome Web Page!"
a reader writes:

pete, I love your blog, I've been looking at it for 30 minutes,
I tried to kiss it, I'd like to blow it, happy birthday in august

Thanks reader! You can leave a comment right here on my blog, too by the way...
Click right there after each entry where it says "comments." I wish someone would...
I want to know if it works.

See You Next Tuesday! @ limmy.com

Brian Limond's limmy.com is a hoot!
He just wrote me back and confirmed that "limmy" is indeed pronounced:
"like Jimmy with an L."

Some of my dumb and dumber Canadian friends and I thought it might be "LIMEY" because he's from like Scotland or Ireland or someplace British,or somefing ...but my friend "S" was right when she wrote:

"It would be pronounced limb-ee, like Lemmy, but with an "i" instead of an "e". I don't think a Glaswegian would call themselves anything that sounds like "limey".

Oh well, Corona lovers, no matter how you slice it... Limmy's blog rocks! Check out his brilliant videos like YES or NO and the See You Next Tuesday! variations, listed under "playthings" and "xylophone."