Monday, May 17, 2004

Music vs. Radio

I just set up some MUSIC and RADIO links over there on the left margin of this blog template. Can you see them? That's right. There they are underneath the picture of the handsome dude in the hockey gear. See them yet? No? Keep going, then. Scroll below "previous posts", and "archives"... There they are.."Radio & Music" the first section under the "Links" header.
If you have a good speed line, check out what's available. There are plenty of free MP3s as well as streaming feeds of great music and radio programming that you can have running while you read your eMail and surf around.
Go ahead and click on Air America... I'll wait right here.

A new "Air America" window will pop up. Now click on the logo in the top left that says "Listen Live." That should boot "Real Player" and if you're dialing in at the right time of day you can hear Al Franken's show live or rebroadcast or perhaps one of the other shows like Janeane Garofalo's or Randi Rhodes. See their page for the time schedule. The main point is get that working and the rest of the links in the body of this entry should work for you.

Sorry, but tuning in to hilarious Al Franken's O'Franken Factor on Air America radio and getting all revved up about kooky scary US politics is what really motivated me to join Canada's New Democratic Party. Who would've guessed how much (old) democrats love the Grateful Dead? In between the laughter and tears, no matter what else is happening, sweet old Al Franken will be scooping out cherry Jerry Garcia. I'm not lying. Dig the on-air programming but the Air America blog is chock full of name-calling trolls.

MPR's "Listening Room" features new music on their "Smooth" and "Crunchy" radio channels.
Some items here play for me in iTunes... others in Real Player. If some of the following links don't work for you directly, just go back to the main page for American Mavericks:Listening Room, and check it out. They're all there.

Scroll down the American Mavericks page for some excellent composer interviews. Listen to what Glenn Branca has to say about John Cage. Oh, and news flash...Glenn Branca loves Steve Reich.
Terry Riley , Captain Beefheart, Meredith Monk
... sigh... such beautiful music.

The John Giorno link takes you to just one of his dial-a-poem type projects hosted on There's plenty more there to discover. is an amazing resource. Poke around.

Man what the hey are they all talkin' about what with the NAPSTER and Apple's iTunes store... sheesh, the internet is the best thing that's ever happened to music. Am I wrong?
Feel free to post a comment with links to some of your fave cool sound sites and radio channels.
Oh and before i forget, APPLE why don't you make Air America Radio a factory preset in the iTunes Radio defaults? Please.

Over at my web site I just reported that I'm offering up some FREE mp3 downloads of my music. Check back soon. I've been working on some exciting new projects and I'm looking forward to telling you all about them.

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