Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dead Letter Blogs

Lisa and I were on the phone yakking about blogs and she told me she actually started working on a blog someplace awhile back but then she forget her passsword or the URL or something... so now it's somewhere someplace in cyberspace ...just more cyberspace space junk.

I thought that that was funny but then I started to really wonder just how many of these Dead Letter Blogs could be out there. The corker came when i actually stumbled across something I'd completely forgotten about. Mmm hmm, that's right... a website of my
which I started awhile back ...like 3 to 4 years back! Longer than many an OS n'est-ce pas? But lo and behold this may have been waaay years back, and everything ... but holy shizel manizel it's a got-dang fully functioning working blog.

Does anybody remember UserLand Frontier, or have you perhaps seen me walking around in my T-Shirt with a big cactus logo, and a cowboy hat? Well you might not recall Frontier but I sure do. Anyways, a bit of surfing around and I quickly discovered Dave Winer and my old friends at UserLand have been very busy inventing stuff like the RSS newsfeed and all kinds of new software to great popular and critical acclaim. Like Radio Userland and Manila (as in..you got it... my Manila site.) What... did these guys lay down the foundations for the entire BLOG CULTURE and CIVILIZATION while i was away?


Anonymous said...

I've seen you walking in a red thong and nothing else....g-g-g-gay?

x lisa

Pete Dako said...

Yes Ma'am. I'm queer for you.
Let's go to Boston, Mass. and get married.