Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Strictly "need-to-know" Super-8 film synopses

NEWS FLASH as reported on my Manila Site just moments ago...

I bet you're wondering what I've been working on for Laura Cowell's "SPLICE THIS!" SUPER 8 Film Festival In Toronto. Well, Laura wants to know too. So,I thought gee, what could be more private and intimate then posting this info on a blog or two? Without further ado then here it is, and remembering that this is on a strictly "need-to-know" basis here's what I've got so far:

Scratchimation Drama w/live music soundtrack

NOTE: this project is dependent on you. Filmmakers need to recycle? We accept your scrap Super8 stock. also *Free* DJ opportunity! Can you scratch vinyl? apply to PETE DAKO films c/o that blog or this blog ...(the one you're reading now).

Back up plan:
"Big Trouble in Tiny Town" (aka "Toy People in Toy Cars" or "Hats Off to You, You Dinky Menace!") Super8 SuperFilm by Pete Dako featuring Poetry by bill bissett See the long-awaited sequel to PETE DAKO's blockbuster 2000 epic, Pooch Doggy Do in: "Big Trouble." pre-dating and predicting the terrible tragedy of 9/11!

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