Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End to Catholic School funding PLOT thickens

CFI & CSA continue the call for an end to Catholic School funding in Ontario

Justin Trottier will be on the Jim Richards Show on AM1010 today at 3:10pm EDT, and on CBC's The Current tomorrow morning at 8:30am ET
Listen in "LIVE" at 3:10pm via:

Premier Dalton McGuinty has finally stepped up to the plate
Dalton McGuinty tells Catholic church he’s in charge of schoolswww.thestar.comThe provincial government — not the Catholic church — is the higher power when it comes to running Ontario schools, says Premier Dalton McGuinty.
but will he be the man who finally knocks that catholic school bunt right out of the park?
notice how quickly chicken little Tim Hudak wants to toe the line? Bravo Mr. McGuinty~ so far, so good!

With the Pope now blaming his Butler ~ and the Church scrambling to explain how they do not HATE,  and actually saying words like "Gay" - (which is a 'brand' just like "NDP" or "PC") and "Homophobia" out loud and repeating them is just a "rhetorical sledgehammer"   Toronto's own Archbishop Cardinal (apparently he is both?) "Corny" Collins has been sounding off everywhere on radio and print media coming up with pearls of wisdom like this but even the stodgy old Globe & Mail know when it's time desert a sinking ship (Just ask Jan Wong!) ask evidenced by the lukewarm suport shown here:

 hopefully CC Collins will end up in a lovely John Waters film someday like his namesake.

Here's a brilliant response to Cardinal Collins Homophobic death rattles as heard on our airwaves and seen in the press these last few days from CSA's Leslie Rosenblood
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